What is My Shop Window?

A Directory of ‘Makers’ – designers, artists and crafters in NZ and their wares.

Makers and owners of original, interesting goods create their own personal style inviting buyers to view their shop window. 

Intoxicating contact with fellow artists, assemblers, creators and makers of beautiful objects, fashion, art & design.

How does it work?

Upload your images x 6. List your items with a price.

Listing your My Shop Window costs $25/month once your photos are accepted and uploaded onto the website. You charge whatever you decide for your goods on your ‘Shop Window’. You can update your photos anytime.


  1. the kind of unnoticed excellence that carries on around you every day, unremarkably—the hidden talents of friends and coworkers, the fleeting solos of subway buskers, the slapdash eloquence of anonymous users, the unseen portfolios of aspiring artists—which would be renowned as masterpieces if only they’d been appraised by the cartel of popular taste, who assume that brilliance is a rare and precious quality, accidentally overlooking buried jewels that may not be flawless but are still somehow perfect.


Mantra for My Shop Window people

For makers, creators and lovers of object and design, gatherers and assemblers who love to work from home, who want to share their unique aesthetic.

You’re resourceful, excited to think of new ways to do business and love sharing and connecting. You can’t wait to begin opening up your life to new possibilities. You love freedom and the chance to do your own thing but without a big price tag.

Dreams of opening a retail store are set aside because of expense so you open your own at home – a wall, a corner, a piece of floor is everything. A couch, a table, shelves, a chair – props for your ‘set’.

What you have, what you make, is of intense interest to you but also to many, many others. Imagine your store creating community, beckoning local and global visitors. You will put value back into the real, the felt, the touched.

Your world is the world others want to be part of. Not looking in from the outside, not separated, not disconnected. You are real people, living real lives.